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Hi new members! Nice to see there's at least a bit of a colorist presence in the journalling part of the interwebz. :)

Johanna Basford has uploaded a coloring tutorial for colored pencil blending and shading:


Welcome! ^_^

Wednesday, January 20th, 2016 06:04 pm
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Welcome to [community profile] adult_coloring, a community for grownups who color for art therapy, relaxation, mindfulness and fun.

LJ sister community: [ profile] adult_coloring

I'm your moderator, [personal profile] candyhippie, and I'm a coloring page artist.

This is a casual, friendly, relaxed and welcoming group. It is moderated with a cotton fist, that is, moderated as little as possible, as I prefer to encourage all sorts of discussion surrounding the coloring hobby. If there's something you'd like to post to this group but aren't sure whether it's appropriate... chances are, it probably is. Please share with us! If you have any questions, feel free to ask the community in a post, or contact me.

Some ideas for stuff to post about in this group:

- Product reviews of coloring books, authors/artists, and art supplies
- Coloring techniques (questions, answers and tutorials)
- Mindfulness coloring and how coloring affects the mind (your mind and minds in general)
- Share coloring pages you've drawn
- Share coloring pages you've colored
- Venting if something goes wrong in your coloring hobby
- Articles about coloring, art therapy, mindfulness and spirituality
- Link to other coloring communities on LJ and elsewhere on the web
- Share coloring-related Pinterest boards
- Your personal coloring stories
- Share color palettes and pictures with inspiring colors
- Show off your collection of coloring supplies, coloring books, and your work/play station
- Music and ambient sounds to listen to while coloring
- Etcetera!

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